Benefit roping event in Cowley draws big crowd

Patti Carpenter

A benefit roping event for Billy Slabbert, a 4-year-old Cowley boy with cerebral palsy, attracted more than 120 teams. The more than $20,000 raised at the event will pay for much needed and very specialized medical based physical therapy that Slabbert, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at three months old, desperately needs.
The main roping event ended at around 2 p.m. and was followed by a surprise jackpot event. Around 70 teams competed in the second impromptu event. About half of the proceeds were paid out in prize money to the ropers,  and the balance was donated to the Slabbert family.
Billy’s father, Johannes Slabbert, said the turnout was amazing for an early season event. Individual cowboys were allowed to enter multiple times with different partners, making it the perfect early season tune-up for entrants.
A dummy roping contest was also held simultaneously for children attending the event. Dummy roping winners included Hendrick Slabbert and Howdy Hahn, who tied for first place in the age 11–13 category. Beau Jones won the ages 6–10 category. Case Green won the contest for those 5 years old and under.
The team of Casey Good and Clark Hufty took first place in the adult roping contest. Cactus Floy and JT Collingwood took second place, Quinn Larson and Mike Keyser third, Mike Keyser and Tobias Cortner fourth, Lindsey Kawcak and Clark Hufty fifth, Nolan Burrill and Cameron Carroll sixth, Kurt McNabb and Nolan Burrill seventh, Tucker Hatch and Cameron Carroll eighth, Justin Lucht and Sky Grant ninth, Tate Edeler and JT Collingwood 10th and Kurt and Trent McNabb 11th place.