Big Horn County 4-H holds Achievement Night celebration

Big Horn County 4-H recognized the contributions of its volunteer leaders and success of its members during its recent Achievement Night celebration.
The evening’s highlights included the presentation of nine-year member pins, considered the greatest milestone in 4-H, along with a variety of special awards recognizing outstanding achievement in 4-H.
The following Big Horn County 4-Hers received nine-year jackets: Evelyn Brown, Roseannah Brown, Hanna Haley, Kenadee Rael, Gabriel VanderPloeg, Keyanna Walker and Macie Hopkin.
“You all have made an impact in Big Horn County through the 4-H program — maybe in club meetings, project and county activities or state-level opportunities … maybe you encouraged a new member to join 4-H or learn a new skill,” said Gasvoda.  “Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication.
 Reaghan  Foss and Joshua Brown were honored for completing their 10th year in Big Horn County 4-H.
Several special awards were presented at the end of the ceremony.
The Harry Collins Memorial Wool Blanket Award, given to the senior or intermediate 4-H member exhibiting the top breeding sheep or market sheep record book, went to Macee Winterholler.
Emmalyn Dalin of the Shell Rough Riders and Sammy Boardman of the 9’ers 4-H Club were this year’s recipients of the Gerritt Swiftney Memorial Award, given to the first-year member with outstanding record book accomplishments, community and club participation.
Evelyn Brown captured the Shannon Lane Betz Memorial 4-H Horse Award. The award recognizes a 4-H horse member who has distinguished themselves in participation and placement at horse events at fair, 4-H community service, sportsmanship and portfolios.
The Rob and Jamie Dalin family and the Robert and Deanna Skillman family were recognized as special 4-H families.
The Extra Mile members award went to the Brown family, the Extra Mile leaders awards went to Dan and Sarah Holloway and Sara Welling and the Extra Mile volunteers award went to Andrea Frost and Scott Heny.
Dalton Moss and Riley McCallister were nominated for the Bright Clover Future Award, given in memory of Ha’den Kelso.
Craig Sorenson was recognized as Friend of 4-H.
Jared and Wendy Boardman were recognized for their commitment to 4-H.
Big Horn County 4-H also recognized its leaders, without whom “the 4-H program would not exist,” according to Gasvoda.  
Marie Bahr, Brian Bahr, Jacqueline Hunt, Tommy Lauhoff, Trevor Whitaker, Dani Martins, Cambree Miller, Jordan Flitner, Tia Phillips, Chantal Weinand and Brianna Sessions completed leadership training this past year.
Here’s a rundown of the evening’s other award:
CLOVERBUDS — Anthony Bendixen, Elizabeth Bischoff, Heeler Cheney, Ty Dewey, Boone Guccion, Michael Harding, Benjamin Martens, Remington Morgan, Henry VanderPloeg, Wyatt Bernaldez, Jace Brost, Neko Hernandez, Veda Morgan, Penny Rose, Cassidy Sorenson, Laney Wennberg, Ainzli Bitton,  Jaxon Brown, Brinley Dewey, Susie Dunn, Waylon Foster, August Guccion, Mackly Hardwick, Owen Hatch, Aurelia Houchin,  Coralee Landis, Trinity Link, Hailey Mangels, Jesse Martens, Daisy Moss, Olivia Phillips, Ashly Sessions, Buxston Shipley, Eli Unruh, Crandall Whitaker, Vanessa Winters
FIRST YEAR MEMBERS — 9’ers: Adele Rose, Lydia Robertson, Blakely Piper, Madlyn Hahn, James Hahn, Howdy Hahn, Nevaeh Durfee, Sammy Boardman, Luke Bischoff, Lane Bischoff, Cinch Bischoff, Alynna Monterde; Big Horn Bows and Bulls: Cheveyo Dunn, Luciana Haynes, Derrick Sessions; Northern Stars: Paisyn Bendixen, Colton Turnupseed, Dalton Moss, Jason Mangels, Anthony Mangels; Paintrock Punchers: Caleb Olsen; Shell Rough Riders: Casen Foster, Ayden Skillman, Emmalyn Dalin, Theodore Edelman, Jesse Reber, Cordell Sorenson, Lena Triplett, Trapper Triplett, Cash Anderson; Swinging Cloverleaf: James Davis, Zach Unruh, Jason Unruh, McCallister.
THIRD YEAR MEMBERS — 9’ers: Kinli Bitton, Daniel Durfee, Catherine Zollman, Oakley Bischoff, Kinzie Blain, Christina Zollman, River Mangus; Lil Gunners: Craig Krantz, Braxten Layne, BrayLynn Krantz; Mighty Mustangs: Nellie Guccion; Paintrock Punchers: Whitley Godfrey, Jordon Potter; Shell Rough Riders: Sawyer Triplett, Josey Whaley; Swinging Cloverleaf: Chase Allen, Tell Whitaker, Brooklyn Winters
FOURTH YEAR MEMBERS —9’ers: Joseph Durfee, Victoria Herman, Macee Winterholler, Hayden Workman, Dallas Workman, Cache Thompson; Eagle Rock: Charlee Twitchell; Paintrock Punchers: Brianna Landis, Eli Olsen, Kirk Parsley.
FIFTH YEAR MEMBERS — 9’ers: Amee Acton, Gracie Angell, Daisy Carpenter, Aaiden Walker, Sara Wood, Mark Durfee, Clayton Thompson, Thane Zollman; Northern Stars: Deborah Brown; Lil Gunners: Benson Jolley; Mustang Riders: Ethan Hendershot; Otto Flats: Kellen Winters; Paintrock Punchers: Sky Olson, Levi Potter; Shell Rough Riders: Cruz Sorenson; Swinging Cloverleaf: Jamie Taylor.
RECORD BOOK AWARDS — 9’ers: Amee Acton, Photography; Gage Angell, Market Sheep; Gracie Angell, Market Sheep; Cinch Bischoff, Market Sheep, Horse; Lane Bischoff, Market Sheep; Luke Bischoff, Market Sheep; Miles Bischoff, Market Sheep, Rabbit; Oakley Bischoff, Market Sheep, Horse, Photography; Camden Blain, Market Sheep; Kinzie Blain, Market Sheep, Visual Arts; Sammy Boardman, Market Sheep, Market Goat; Daisy Carpenter, Market Sheep, Horse; Cassidy Hahn, Market Beef; Howdy Hahn, Market Beef; James Hahn, Market Beef; Madlyn Hahn, Market Beef; Caylee Herman, Horse, Market Sheep; Victoria Herman, Horse, Rabbits, Market Goat, Visual Arts; Angelina Lauhoff, Shooting Sports, Breeding Sheep, Horse, Market Goats, Gardening; Renaka Lauhoff, Horse Market Goat, Breeding Meat Goat, Breeding Sheep, Shooting Sports, Photography; Addisyn Perkins: Market Goats, Breeding Sheep, Market Sheep, Market Swine, Visual Arts; Blakely Piper, Market Goat; Adele Rose, Market Goat; Cache Thompson, Market Goat; Clayton Thompson, Market Goat; Aaiden Walker, Market Swine; Canyon Weinand, Horse; Daizy Weinand, Horse; Charlee Welling, Market Sheep, Rabbits, Photography, Visual Arts; Kelce Winterholler, Market Sheep, Fabric and Fashion, Photography; Macee Winterholler, Market Sheep, Photography, Fabric/Fashion, Breeding Sheep, Gardening; Sara Wood, Market Goat, Dog, Rabbit, Photography; Lil Gunners: BrayLynn Krantz, Photography; Craig Krantz, Market Swine, Poultry; Keyanna Walker, Market Swine; Mighty Mustangs: Nellie Guccion, Visual Arts, Breeding Beef, Market Swine, Photography; Kenadee Rael, Market Beef; Olivia Rael, Market Beef; Rocco Rael, Market Beef; Mustang Riders: Ethan Hendershot, Foods/Nutrition, Rabbit, Fabric and Fashion, Gardening; Northern Stars: Jared Bates, Ropecraft; McKenna Bates, Market Swine, Photography, Quilting, Fabric/Fashion; Schyler Bates, Market Swine, Visual Arts, Photography; Deborah Brown: Horse, Dog, Visual Arts, Quilting, Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Photography; Evelyn Brown, Photography, Visual Arts, Horse, Gardening, Foods and Nutrition, Quilting, Fabric and Fashion, Crochet; Joshua Brown, Horse, Visual Arts, Photography, Fabric and Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, Gardening, Leathercraft, Crochet; Roseannah Brown, Horse, Photography, Crochet, Knitting, Quilting,  Fabric/Fashion, Gardening, Foods/Nutrition; Anthony Mangels, Market Swine, Ropecraft; Jason Mangels, Market Swine; Dalton Moss, Market Swine, Shooting Sports, Foods/Nutrition, Dog, Visual Arts, Rabbit, Gardening, Quilting, Fabric/Fashion; Otto Flatts: Brett Winters, Rabbit; Kellen Winters, Market Swine; Kyler Winters, Market Swine; Taft Winters, Market Swine;  Paintrock Punchers: Reaghan Foss, Market Swine, Market Sheep, Market Beef, Photography; Connor Hoyt, Market Beef; Maycee McKim, Market Sheep, Horse; Nicholas Olmsted, Shooting Sports, Poultry; Shell Rough Riders: Emmalyn Dalin, Market Goat, Breeding Meat Goat, Dog, Shooting Sports; Garrett Dalin, Market Goat, Meat Breeding Goats, Shooting Sports, Gardening; Theodore Edelman, Market Goat, Dog, Breeding Meat Goat; Braxton Link, Market Sheep; Paisley Link, Market Sheep, Rifle, Pistol; Jesse Reber, Market Beef, Leathercraft; Lena Triplett, Rabbit, Market Swine, Archery, Rifle, Pistol; Sawyer Triplett, Poultry, Market Swine, Archery, Shotgun,  Rifle, Pistol; Grace VanderPloeg, Market Sheep; Swinging Cloverleaf: Chase Allen, Rifle, Archery, Shotgun, Pistol, Market Sheep, Photography, Cake Decorating, Gardening; Joey Chatwin, Market Beef, Rabbit, Foods and Nutrition, Photography; James Davis, Market Beef; Wyatt Harrision, Market Beef, Market Goat, Market Sheep, Market Swine; Weston Harrison, Market Beef; Ava Wennberg, Market Goat, Photography, Visual Arts, Archery; Brooklyn Winters, Market Sheep, Cake Decorating; Kobe Winters, Market Sheep
Market Sheep:  Addisyn Perkins
Market Goat:  Addisyn Perkins
Market Beef:  Connor Hoyt
Market Swine:  Addisyn Perkins
Horse:  Evelyn Brown
Shooting Sports:  Chase Allen
Photography:  Charlee Welling
Senior: Reaghan Foss
Intermediate: Addisyn Perkins
Junior: Emmalyn Dalin
HONORS CLUB: Connor Hoyt, Reaghan Foss and Kenadee Rael
Senior High Point Award:  Maycee McKim
Intermediate High Point Award: Oakley Bischoff
Junior High Point Award:  Whitley Godfrey
JUNIOR LIVESTOCK SHOW SPECIAL AWARDS: Horse, Evelyn Brown;  Swine, Nellie Guccion; Sheep, Cinch Bischoff; Goat, Thane Zollman; Poultry, Nick Olmstead; Market Beef:  Nellie Guccion; Rabbit: Rebecca Hendershot   
BARN SUPERINTENDENTS HERDSMANSHIP BUCKLES: Swine, Davi Frost; Sheep, Miles Bischoff; Goat, Sara Wood; Rabbit, Brianna Landis; Poultry, Sy Schlattmann; Market Beef, Reaghan Foss.