BLM issues decision on Peaks herd plan

CODY — The Bureau of Land Management released a decision record that approves future wild horse bait trap gathers, removals and fertility control in the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Herd Management Area east of Cody in Park County.

The Appropriate Management Level for the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area—the population level consistent with land health and multiple use—is 70 to 140 wild horses. The current population is 181 horses, based on direct counts in 2023.

The September 20 decision approves a plan to return the population to the appropriate management level and slow population growth by using a combination of small bait trap gathers, selective removals and fertility control over a 10-year period. The BLM may begin a bait trap gather in 2023.

Comments on the environmental assessment received during the comment period have been addressed and incorporated into the environmental assessment and decision record. These and other associated documents are available at the BLM National NEPA Register.

For more information, contact Abel Guevara at 307-578-5900.