Byron News: Byron sees changes as the weather chills



We knew it was coming. We get all kinds of hints. The leaves slowly begin to change, and then all of a sudden, it is a symphony of color everywhere.
I have some vines that turn a beautiful red that really pops against the yellow and oranges surrounding them. The morning chill urges us to put on a sweater or jacket, and by noon, we are turning on the air conditioning in the car. The beet trucks have been running for weeks now. The hunters are hunting. There are hints everywhere.
The optimist in us hopes we can at least drag Autumn on through Thanksgiving. But, the Old Man Winter freeze is shaking a finger at us this week, reminding us that he is on the way. I feel like the squirrels I see scurrying around. There are too many directions to go to get things put to bed for the long winter nap.
Things have changed since I mentioned the Where’s Waldo challenge on happenings around town. The horse with the princess eyelashes on his mask has a name. His name is Hank, and he had no idea he was so beautiful. He lives in my neighborhood and likes watching the cars on Sundays as folks gather at the church just across the street from him. If you walk by and stop to greet him, he will come and check you out.
The cabin, which was carefully taken apart log by log, belonged to Margie and Ed Gifford and was their original house. Used as storage for several years after they moved into their new home, it was time to be destroyed but was rescued instead. The other cabin staying and getting a facelift is next to Trendsetters on Main Street.
The new home, almost ready for its anxious residents to move in, belongs to Afton (George) and AJ Dickson. They live north on Cloud Peak. The new three-stall garage is an addition to Gary Petrich’s place on Big Horn.
The clean-up effort at the old run-down place is north on Heart Mountain. They have made a huge difference in the neighborhood. We will be meeting them soon.
The other transformation has taken place on Main by Shane and Stephanie Wagner. It is now a showplace of Halloween treasures. The other Halloween exhibition is at Shawn’s on West Shoshone. He has a cauldron surrounded by ghosts and dragons. Both displays are worth a look to get in the Halloween groove.
The Byron Rec. is sponsoring a Halloween trunk or treat with food, candy and prizes Halloween night at 6 at the town hall. Bring your spooks and enjoy the fun.