Byron News: Joannie Rodriguez remembered and Santa Breakfast event


Last week a funeral was held for Joannie Rodriguez, a lifelong resident of Byron. Joannie was a couple years behind me in school. Her sister Nora Lee was in my class, so growing up, Joannie was just the kid sister. When I moved back to Byron I quickly realized that there was a force that had stayed and made their  homes and raised their families in Byron.
Rodriguez siblings Kaye, Janie and Joannie were often referred to as simply “the sisters.” They all lived close to each other on Riverview. When the weather was nice they were always gathered with kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. It seemed a continual party was going on.
Joannie was broken-hearted as she lost two of her trio. For a while she felt somewhat lost, but her family buoyed her up. Whenever I stopped to have a visit with Joannie she was entertaining her group of family and friends. She always greeted me as if I were her best buddy. She welcomed me with hugs and laughter. I witnessed her greeting everyone that way. Joannie was a hugger.
In the past few years Joannie suffered a lot of health setbacks. When I stopped to see her in the hospital, her room was full of new babies and family. The party continued even in the hospital. She was smiling and happy.
Joannie’s family meant everything to her, and they now have her legacy. Our community mourns the loss of Joannie, the last of the three sisters, who have been a fixture in our community since the ‘50s. Love to her family. Carry on.
Breakfast with Santa is Saturday, Dec. 2, at 9 a.m. at the Byron town hall. Come and kick off the holidays and take a picture with Santa.