Byron News - What is going on in Byron? Many changes

In the book “Where’s Waldo?” the adventure takes you on a journey of discovery. Here in town, there is a lot going on that one wouldn’t be aware of if you don’t take a walk, jog or drive around the neighborhood. 

So, I will give some hints and let the discovery adventure begin. There is a horse with a mask (to keep flies away) that has Disney princess eyes. I am sure the horse is unaware of how beautiful she looks with her long lashes. This is the same pasture that formerly had a pig named Patsy Swine, who had a pasture mate pig that barked like a dog. Just up the road from there was a grove of big old cottonwood trees (I am sure a few of them were original to the founding of Byron). The grove has now been cleared off and turned into firewood. 

There is an old cabin being carefully taken apart to be moved and another old cabin under remodeling construction.

A new home is almost completed and waiting for a young family to move in. A lot of the work has been done over the past year, and the finishing work is finally taking place. 

A large new garage addition was started a few months ago on another home.

A new modular home has been moved in at the back of the property.

A home that was abandoned and fallen into disrepair was recently purchased, and a new family moved in. It is a huge cleanup project, and they are doing a great job. I will be introducing a few of the new folks in town in the future.

On Main Street, a home left empty and neglected has new owners. The fence has been taken down, the house painted and the yard maintained. It is a spot of beauty now. 

Remember about a year ago when a car lost control and plowed through a couple of yards, ending up hitting two cars and coming to a stop by hitting a house?  That portion of the house had to be demolished because of foundation damage. This is a fun project to watch. We drove past and noted the new foundation and subflooring on our way to Powell yesterday. On the way back, walls were going up. It is happening fast. An Amish family is doing a lot of the labor, and it is looking good. That one is going to be changing daily, so enjoy watching the transformation.

I hope you enjoy discovering the changes in the community. (Answers will be in the next column.)

A few days ago, during the cold and rainy weather, a friend commented that she just wanted it to go back to normal. I didn’t have the heart to tell her we are turning that corner. Burrrrr.