Cody woman receives life sentence for role in murder of toddler

CODY (WNE) — The Cody woman convicted in April of murdering 2-year-old Paisleigh Williams was sentenced to life in prison during a Tuesday, Sept. 26, hearing in Park County District Court.

On behalf of Carolyn Aune, her counsel, Elisabeth Trefonas, issued a press release on Sept. 27.

“We advocate for Carolyn’s release because she is innocent,” it said. “She never harmed Paisleigh.”

In April, Aune was convicted by a jury of first-degree murder by recklessly inflicting physical injury on Paisleigh after she failed to get Paisleigh prompt medical care. 

The jury did not find she was guilty of intentionally inflicting the blunt force trauma that perforated Paisleigh’s intestines.

“Carolyn witnessed physical violence against Paisleigh but could not know that violence caused internal injuries that would be fatal many hours later,” the release said. “In the tragic and typical cycle of domestic violence Carolyn pretended that everything and everyone would be all right. She did not believe she could leave or find help.”

Aune testified during her two-week trial that she witnessed Moshe Williams, Paisleigh’s father, stomp Paisleigh in the abdomen, which ultimately led to her death.

According to the press release, Aune, her three children and Paisleigh were all victims of domestic violence.

“She witnessed domestic violence perpetrated against Paisleigh, resulting in her murder,” it said. “Paisleigh was a beautiful, loving 2-year-old girl. She deserved to grow up safely. Paisleigh deserves justice and to have her murderer be held accountable.”

Trefonas said she would continue to seek justice for Aune and Paisleigh.

Moshe Williams is also set to face a jury trial in October, but due to a change of venue approval by Park County District Court Judge Bobbi Overfield, the trial will now be held in Hot Springs County.