Craig Preator

Craig Preator

Feb. 23, 1948 – Jan. 20, 2022

Craig Preator, 73 years old, passed away in his home in Burlington, Wyo., on Jan. 20. Craig was born Feb. 23, 1948, in Cody, Wyo. He was the first of two boys born to Stanley Eyre Preator and Vivian Salmela Preator.

Craig graduated from Burlington High School and then went to BYU and received a BS in education. Craig taught school in Utah for a year and then moved to Billings, Mont., where he worked for a bank as their computer operator. He also worked in the Irma Hotel in Cody as a salad chef. He then moved back to Burlington, where he helped take care of his parents.

He and David as young boys on the ranch were always building something, especially chipmunk traps. Craig liked to read and owned many books; he liked to paint beautiful oil paintings and he liked to garden in his greenhouse.

Craig is preceded in death by his parents, his brother David and David’s wife Judy.

He is survived by his nieces and nephews, his brother David’s children.

Craig will be buried in Burlington and his graveside service will be held at a later date.