Fads we remember from yesterday

Gary Noth

Throughout all of life, there have been fads. One caveman saw another caveman bonk his wife, so he had to bonk his wife. One woman then started to wear the dino bones in her hair and one day, through her nose so then all the other ladies, except for the smart ones, wore a bone through their noses.
When the women with a bone through their noses started disappearing, it was because the local dogs were dragging them off and burying them somewhere. The men laughed but then got smart and quit laughing when they saw the look the women were giving them. The fad died but only because all the dinos died.
Fast forward a bunch of years. Did you know that only men were allowed to wear high heeled shoes? Yep. Until the 16th century, the women had to wear flats and were forbidden to wear high heeled shoes. Notice I said heeled and not heel? There is a difference.
For centuries, long hair on men was considered a sign of virility, of strength and manliness. Long hair came back into style in the ‘50s through the ‘70s, but if you had long hair, you were a hippy unless you were a rock star and then you were a god. I know about it for a fact as when I saw the Beatles play on Aug 21, 1966, at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field, I heard not one song due to all the screaming women. OK, I’m not old, I’m ancient.
That brings us to today. Some women feel the need to wear a nose ring. Having been a farmer and rancher, we know what a nose ring is for, but I’ll bite my tongue. All women are beautiful, but when you wear a nose ring to garner attention, I only see the ring. To me, I feel it degrades your looks, but that is me. I love the different colors of hair. The people wearing purple or blue or red hair, etc., are always smiling, laughing and having a good time. The ring wearers? No smiles. They just check to see if you are looking at their nose ring.
So many fads have come and gone. Hot pants. Bell bottoms. That thing where women tie their shirt up. Wearing less makeup. They say it was sexist. Actually, it was a good way to get attention. And it worked. But today’s women think a nose ring works? I hope it goes away like the tongue stud where no one could understand you.
I almost said the nose ring makes you look less educated, but I hope to live to 100 and calling a woman wearing a nose ring stupid would be hazardous to my health, so I can’t say that.