The gifts of Christmas are valuable

Christmas. The birth of Christ, the anointed one. The event that changed the world significantly enough to mark the timeline of history as Before Christ and After Christ.
A number of valuable gifts were exchanged on that first Christmas. Even if you think Christmas is just a fictional story, you can still enjoy its gifts. We struggle to find the right gift for certain people. The right gift for all of us is to discover the true meaning of Christmas.
The infant Jesus was God himself who, out of unconditional love, had come to earth to restore the lost spiritual relationship with his creation. Jesus brought hope to the world in a time of great darkness, where common people lived as slaves to the oppressive rule of the Roman Empire. During his years of adult ministry, Jesus stood for the dignity of human life as the highest creation. He professed all people to be of equal value, regardless of their title, wealth, possessions or race. He claimed that all people were entitled to enjoy abundant life. In the final act of his life on earth, Jesus gave forgiveness of the sin of all mankind, and a second chance at the ultimate gift of eternal spiritual life. Whether or not any of us, then or now, believe in Jesus, Jesus always believes in all of us.
Joseph and Mary, engaged to be married, each received astounding revelations that they were chosen to be the earthly parents of the divine child. They each gave tremendous faith in God, as well as in each other. They each gave selflessness and humility in surrendering to the will of God, as well as mutual devotion to their part in the divine plan.
The angels gave comfort and joy by announcing the arrival of the promised Messiah.
The shepherd boy gave generosity in presenting his prized lamb to the young king.
The innkeeper’s wife gave compassion and charity by providing the young expectant couple a stable for shelter, warm coverings for mother and baby, food for the family and hay for their donkey.
The Magi gave us wonder in the realized presence of divinity, belief in Jesus’ lowly yet royal birth and the courage to risk their lives to safeguard the child from the wrath of Herod.
We all received everlasting gifts that first Christmas. Gifts that have maintained their value. Gifts that keep on giving, year after year. Giving and receiving these timeless and wondrous gifts is to live in the spirit of Christmas.
Now ponder this: Let’s put big red bows on love, hope, faith, dignity, forgiveness, second chances, selflessness, humility, devotion, comfort, joy, generosity, compassion, charity, courage, wonder and belief … and have ourselves a very merry Christmas, now and always.