Henley, Hill wins youth triathlon

Garrett Henley and Owen Hill swam, peddled and ran their way to the individual championships of the Lovell Mustang Days Youth Triathlon Saturday morning at the Lovell High School athletic complex.
The two were declared first place in a tie, because not all segments of the race were able to be timed for the two.
Riley Henley placed third, followed by Grant Hill, Athena G. and Canyon W.
The top team in the triathlon was the trio of Rowdy Hazen, JC Henley and Cayden Dickerson, followed by the team of Gabe Patina, Corbin Henley and Hayden Harshman.
Placing third was the team of Addison Hazen, Harper Walker and Rubie Weber, and finishing fourth were Gemma Walker and Kylie Nicholls (two segments). Coming in fifth was the team of Grayson Walker and Hadlie Nicholls (two segments).