Huge turnout for Mustang Days Rodeo Saturday


The Mustang Days Rodeo in Lovell attracted cowboys and cowgirls from far and wide for its annual event held on Saturday at the Lovell Rodeo Grounds. Participants from throughout Wyoming, parts of Utah, Montana and Texas and even a couple of bareback riders from the South American country of Brazil came to take part in the event. 

In the open ranch bronc riding event Justin Plain Feather of Billings took first place with a score of 79. Trent McNabb of Lovell took second with a score of 74, Lance Cook of Elk Mountain, Wyoming, took third with a score of 72. Brittany Miller of Billings and Kurt McNabb of Lovell competed with no score. 

In the junior ranch bronc riding competition for riders 21 years of age and younger, Tucker Hatch of Burlington took first with a score of 82, Brac Walker of Burlington took second with a score of 78 and Cook took third with a score of 73. Dustin Douglas of Tremonton, Utah, took fourth with a score of 62. Trent McNabb of Lovell and Bryson Woody of Joliet, Montana, also rode with no score. 

In youth bulls, Adam Cheney of Cody tied for first with Jayce Lejeune of Ralston with scores of 66. Tyren Stewart of Crow Agency took second with a score of 64 and Trey Greenough of Billings came in third with a score of 61. Benson Jolley of Deaver rode with no score. 

In mixed team roping, Cherain Richmond and JT Collingwood took first with a time of 7.91. Codi Gines and Easton Bowers took second with a time of 8.49. Scott and JT Collingwood teamed up for third place with a time of 9.54. Scott Collingwood and Casey Good took fourth place with a time of 9.90. Lacee Good and Matt Paumer had a time of 13.79. Shawnee Sagers and Austin Bennett had a time of 14.20. 

Teams competing with no time included Mandy and Cannon McKim, Calli Nelson and Tucker McKim, Tate and Cord Edeler, Bob and Brandy Herman, Shawnee Sagers and Radar Shepherd, Lindsey Kawcak and Cactus Floy, Cherain Richmond and Casey Good, Lindsey Kawcak and Clark Hufty, Tate and Tell Edeler, Mandy and Tucker McKim, Calli and Casey Nelson, Lacee and Pablo Good, Codi and Caden Gines and Jordan and Brandy Herman. 

In the team roping event, Cannon and Tucker McKim won with a time of 6.71. Caden Gines and Colton Miller took second with a time of 7.71. Matt Paumer and Pablo Good took third with a time of 8.01. Austin Piper and Tucker McKim took fourth at 8.05. Casey Good and Clark Hufty took fifth at 8.37. Austin Piper and Cannon McKim placed sixth with a time of 8.80. 

Other teams with recorded times were Casen Gines and Easton Bowers, 9.01; Tyler and JT Collingwood, 12.95; Radar Shepherd and Canyon Eggers, 14.41; Jordan and Bob Herman, 16.09; Beckett Tharp and Ashtyn Noland, 16.72; Emile Shepperson and Tate Edeler, 16.98; Brody and Dillon Payne, 17.25; Calli and Casey Nelson, 19.33; and Casen Gines and Garrett Dowdy, 20.84.

Teams who participated without times were Kanton and Mike Apanashk, Trent Metro and Matt Paumer, Emile Shepperson and Lynn Stoll, Bob and Jordan Herman, Mike and Kanton Apanashk, Trent Metro and Casey Nelson, Cactus Floy and Clark Hufty, Casey Good and JT Collingwood, Austin Bennett and Radar Shepherd, Garrett Linebaugh and TJ Weatherbee, Caden Gines and Easton Bowers, Tate Edeler and Pablo Good and the team of Austin Bennett and Canyon Eggers.

In youth breakaway roping Howdy Hahn of Lovell took first place with a time of 4.81; Cassidy Hahn of Lovell took second at 6.00; Lane Collingwood of Greybull took third at 8.54; Lincoln Shepperson of Riverton took fourth at 10.50 and Wade Gernhart of Powell took fifth at 26.54.

Taylor Sweet of Powell, Cooper Agar of Worland, Joe Panetta of Sheridan, James Hahn of Lovell, Gabi Gernhart of Powell, Dahlia Lara of Worland and Tell Edeler of Greybull rode with no time recorded. 

Taylor Sweet of Powell won the youth barrels race with a time of 19.871. Cassidy Hahn of Lovell took second at 20.034, Talann Perry of Worland took third at 20.863 and Milly Jones of Powell took fourth at 21.052.

Other times included Kylar Hopkin of Deaver, 21.293, Lane Collingwood of Greybull, 22.050, Oakley Bischoff of Lovell, 22.236, Kate Cooper of Lovell, 22.722, Dahlia Lara of Worland, 23.862, Aspyn Noland of Worland, 24.762, Lincoln Shepperson of Riverton, 25.203, Josie Loyning, 25.601, Cinch Bischoff of Lovell, 27.985 and Latalee Sheeley of Powell, 28.073. 

Ryen Freeman of Lovell took first in ladies barrels with a time of 18.198, followed by Dusty Willis of Deaver, 18.694; Delanie Salzman of Burlington, 18.890; Carrie Smith of Laurel, Montana, 18.891; Abby Eaton of Powell, 18.998; Payton Bischoff of Lovell, 19.085; Brandy Herman of Hyattville, 19.204; Tammy Pollan of Shell, 19.285; Taylor Agar of Worland, 19.452; Jess Hahn of Lovell, 19.565; Kaitlyn Schmuck of Thermopolis, 19.614; Shawnee Sagers of Spanish Fork, Utah, 20.203; Mandy McKim of Basin, 20.298; Sheri Baston of Lovell, 20.354; Cami Gernhart of Powell, 20.724; Kyndra Paumer of Greybull, 20.816; Callista Jerome of Lovell, 20.818; Xantha Jerome of Lovell, 20.915; Josie Werner of Deaver, 21.081; Bobbi Byrd of Thermopolis, 21.470; Charis Bischoff of Lovell, 21.809; Bella Linebaugh of Powell, 22.690; Ella Pierce of Deaver, 24.323 and Maddie Hahn of Lovell, 29.324.

In the ladies’ breakaway roping event Calli Nelson of Custer, Montana, took first with a time of 3.28, followed by Shawnee Sagers of Spanish Fork, Utah, 4.15; Vickie MacCarty of Pryor, Montana, 4.71, and Shiane Panetta of Sheridan at 13.07.

Riding in the event with no time were Cami Gernhart of Powell, Elizabeth Harvey of Cody, Ella Pierce of Deaver, Cherian Richmond of Cody, Jess Hahn of Lovell, Cathryn Vineyard of Basin, Jacqueline Haaland of Joliet, Montana, Bethany Stiver of Worland, Lacee Good of Greybull and Kamryn Farrell of Thermopolis.

In the calf roping event, Tate Woodard of Sheridan took first with a time of 10.87; followed by Colton Miller of Sheridan, 18.49; EJ Panetta of Sheridan, 25.45 and Casey Good of Greybull, 26.53.

Those riding with no time included: Garrett Linebaugh of Powell, TJ Weatherbee of Powell, Radar Shepherd of Spanish Fork, Utah, Joe Panetta of Sheridan and Pablo Good of Greybull.

None of the riders scored in the bull riding event. Those participating were Trey Stone of Cody, Domanic Harley of Worland, Jasper Conway of Bogata, Texas, Adrian Martines of Powell, Alec Richardson of Casper, Zach Jones of Lovell, Syrus Bates of Cody, Jacob McCreery of Worland, Brock Watson of Roundup, Montana, Daren Downer of Cody, Wyatt Norstegaard of Gillette and Cole Ross of Buffalo.

Logan Nunn of Lovell took first place in saddle bronc riding with a score of 77, followed by Ryan Nunn of Lovell, 75, and Jeremiah Gullion of Jeffrey City, Wyoming, 58. Justin Plain Feather of Billings had no score.

In the bareback riding event Ty Hawkes of Howell, Utah, took first place with a score of 77, followed by Carlos Rosa of Brazil, 70, and Luis Moreira of Brazil, 68.