It just hit me; I am a senior citizen

Ralph C. Jensen

The other day, my sister, Jan, was in town (the Dallas Metroplex) to share Thanksgiving with her family, as well as a granddaughter earning her medical degree from Baylor University in Waco.
Jan and I met up for lunch one afternoon, and while on the drive to the restaurant, Jan looked at me and asked, “Do you ever wonder how we got to this point in our lives?” I was confused, and it showed. She said, “Our ages.”
Until that moment I had not considered Jan’s age. I am 68 years old, and to me, Jan is just my older sister. Jan still has way too much energy, a spring in her step but tends to forget stuff. Welcome to my world. We had a great lunch as Jan ordered an artichoke heart salad and I had the swordfish. We talked about everything twice, mostly because we had forgotten what we talked about. Even today, I do not remember what we talked about, but it must have been grandkids.
This recent memory came full circle when I received the mail the other day inviting me to attend a Grand Opening Party at CenterWell Richardson. They have a lot of nerve inviting me to a party that is senior-focused primary care, especially an event where the activities are music, food and -- get this -- bingo.
Then it hit me. I am a senior citizen.
I began to take stock of my senior situation. My hair is gone, I need glasses to drive and hearing aids to hear. My knees are shot, and I am getting two new knees in February 2024. Brand new knees, but I will not be any taller. This grand opening event is providing food, so I will have to make sure my dentures are in place.
I’m looking forward to this event, because they advertise taking care of physical, emotional and social wellness. I like the idea of feeling healthier, meeting a board-certified physician and a behavioral health specialist. The advertisement says they have doctors who listen and care. They offer same-day appointments, which is beneficial, so I will not forget. I have been looking for a Medicare physician.
I am not sure how we got to this point, Jan. I do not see you as a senior citizen but only my older sister. I am going to this event not so much for the music or food, but I want to try my hand a bingo. This is a sure sign that I am well into my golden years.
Enough excitement for one day, I need to get my rest for work tomorrow. It is a young person’s world out there, and I can’t let my guard down.