Letter to the Editor: Governor should support property tax relief

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Governor Gordon on his property tax proposals. Thanks. Thanks for nothing.
There is a property tax initiative going around, or was, to lower property tax on your primary residency by 50%. Of course Gordon’s against it. Never mind how much property taxes have increased due to rising property values.
According to Gordon, this money is needed for the counties and schools. Wyoming can put money in the rainy day fund but can’t afford a little property tax decrease. Two different people in Cowley claim their property taxes have increased 50%. This is a perfect tax as it increases and no one has to vote for it.
How much have property taxes increased in the Shell Valley? Not enough that Wyoming can afford a loss of any of it. No matter the increase, Wyoming will happily take your property if you can’t afford it.
Tax increases without representation. Who decides what’s your property worth? My house makes me no money whatsoever and often costs a lot of money for repairs. My house to me is a nice place to live but doesn’t profit me at all.
Owen C. Wantulok