Letter to the editor Use breakaway collars for your pets

Dear Editor,
Today, while on Road 11, there was what looked like a very hungry stray kitten, maybe six months old. Looking closer, it had a band around its neck. This is where the concern is.
Although it has been years since the trauma of losing a kitten in Powell, due to a similar folly, it is like yesterday when I saw this kitten -- the hurt, the pain and tears, of course.
I had a little kitten, 4 months old, that moved to Powell with me. I lived in a nice trailer court and in one of the nicer trailers. One day Peanut did not come home, nor did he come the next day and the next day.
I started hunting for him on the second day; he always came to his name, so the concern was heightened the first day and night gone by.
As my luck would have it, I found Peanut a week or so later. 
In Powell you had to have your pet with collar and license, which I did, but this is also what killed precious Peanut. You see, I did not have a collar that, if they got stuck somewhere, somehow would give way to free the animal and not harm it. Peanut had gotten his license caught in a frame of metal that was placed into the ground. He died a horrible death, as all would.
My hope is that this would be a warning to others, particularly to the owner of this precious kitten. It can happen and does still happen -- senseless because there are now breakaway collars as close as our vet.
Barbara Anderson