Letter to the Editor: Working on property tax relief

Dear citizens of Big Horn County,
One of the biggest issues we are currently facing statewide is crippling property taxes. Thank you for reaching out to me to express your concerns regarding these increases we all continue to face.
Speaking recently with our legislative leadership, one of the proposals we are having drafted is a plan which will cap annual increases at 5%. You will no longer have to worry about 20% or 40% increases or guess what your new taxes will be the next year. Speaking with my legislative colleagues, there seems to be consensus that they would support this proposal. I am hoping this will bring much-needed relief as well as peace of mind going forward.
While we work on this, I would encourage those who qualify to apply for the property tax refund that we expanded last legislative session and which the governor put aside additional funding in his proposed budget to expand it further. I feel confident that this upcoming session will bring the property tax relief we desperately need. I encourage anyone with any concerns or questions please reach out.

Dalton Banks
Wyoming House District 26