Never make statements you don’t intend to keep

For those of you that don’t know, on Wednesdays, the outside world ceases to exist and the only thing that matters is getting the newspaper put together and published each week. Those days can get rather hectic as we finish writing stories, identify photos, type cutlines, build pages and proofread every word. Oftentimes, “Who’s writing this week’s column?” or “What should I write a column about?” is the last piece of that puzzle.
With the majority of Lovell Chronicle employees being sports fans, ideas surrounding different teams and events are often topics of interest. As we transition from football to basketball to baseball and so on, each new season brings a new sense of hope that, “This is the year! My team is going all the way!”
A couple of months ago when the MLB post-season began, I made the mistake of opening my big mouth one Wednesday afternoon and said, “If the Texas Rangers win the World Series, I’ll write a column about it.”
With each playoff win, I was excited for my team to finally combine big plays and big hits with a little bit of luck. But, in the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Oh crap!”
When I made the comment, I felt pretty confident I wouldn’t have to follow through because the Rangers had NEVER won the championship before in the history of their organization ... until now! I am thrilled for my team, but every week since then I have been reminded of my promise. But what on earth would I write a column about?
My whole life, everything was always revolved around sports, and even as an adult, not much has changed. If I’m not coaching something, I’m watching my husband coach one of his three sports or one of my four kids participating in their many activities, and I love every minute of it. Our yearly calendar doesn’t go from spring to summer to fall to winter like most families. It goes from baseball and soccer to football and volleyball, to basketball and wrestling and all over again.
Playing sports can be hard. Coaching sports can be hard. Being a parent of a child playing sports can be hard. And now, after some time working at the Lovell Chronicle, I am discovering that covering sporting events each week can be hard, too ... and take up just as much time!
I love being a part of this community and helping provide coverage of our teams, and I have an even greater appreciation for the time and effort that goes into it. Sure, it’s amazing to read the big MLB headline about Shohei Ohtani just signing a 10-year contract with the LA Dodgers for $700 million and how he can throw a 102-mph fastball and has even blasted a 493-foot homerun. But I would much rather read the articles about the successes of our local athletes from Lovell and Rocky Mountain each week.
Even though I am no Sam Smith, I am really starting to realize why he loved it as much as he did. I will just be more careful of making promises based on their outcomes in the future.
Go Rangers!