New call number for free mental health sessions

Barbara Anne Greene

The phone number for Big Horn County residents wanting free mental health sessions has changed, County Prevention Specialist Travis Sylvester said as he updated the Big Horn County commissioners at their December 19 meeting.
The new phone number is 307-777-8788. The free sessions are for the ag, farming and rodeo communities in the county, which, as Sylvester pointed out, is just about every resident.
“It’s incredible … six free sessions,” he said. “That’s the thing we hear all the time. The stigma. People don’t want to walk into a mental health clinic. Then also concerns of cost. Six free sessions can go a long way.”
Sylvester also shared that the BHC Prevention Alliance hosted a mental health night at a Rocky Mountain-Lovell basketball game in partnership with North Big Horn Hospital.
The updated goal for County Prevention is to go where the people are, adding that, if the mental health night went well, they will likely do one at a Riverside-Greybull game and then at a Burlington game.
The Big Horn County Prevention Coalition is working with Sylvester to provide NARCAN training. The first responders will be one of the groups trained.
Sylvester said he is always working on providing mental health training for schools, senior centers and bus drivers.
There will be a parent education push regarding “4-20 Day” and festivities that celebrate marijuana on April 20. Pot is illegal to use in Wyoming, and that will be a part of the education along with the health consequences and how to talk to children about it.