North Big Horn Rams USA wrestling squad compete in Cody

Stormy Jameson

The North Big Horn Rams USA wrestling squad traveled to Cody on Saturday, Feb. 10, to compete in the Buffalo Bill Showdown where they had the opportunity to enter both Folkstyle and Freestyle divisions.

In the Folkstyle category, Trynitee Jones, Kali Jameson, Tynslee Jones, Cotey Smith, Alex Mcillwaine and Vada Schmidt all came home with gold medals on the day.

Trynitee Jones pinned both opponents to win the 6U 33-36 bracket.

Jameson won both the 8U Girls 62 and 8U 62A divisions, pinning all seven challengers, the fastest falling in 10 seconds.

Tynslee Jones swept the 8U 40 bracket going 4-0, all by fall.

Smith received a bye in the first round of the 8U 49C bracket, then won by decision in both the semi-final and championship matches. 

Mcillwaine pinned his way to take home first place in the 12U 160-165 bracket, and Schmidt did the same in the 14U Girls 115-121.

Other individual wrestlers that placed were:

Second place: Knox Hitz, 6U 43; Duncan Clark, 6U 53-56; Tayslee Jones, 8U Girls 50-55; Hawk Hecker, 10U 53; Maddox Baxendale, 8U 49B; Gus Guccion, 10U 63; Joel Henley, 10U 71B; Corbin Henley, 10U 105; Hayden Harshman, 12U 86B; Isabella Martinez, 14U Girls 163; Christopher Carabay, 14U 83.

Third place: Raegan Dickerson, 8U Girls 43-46; Boone Guccion, 8U 53A; Lillyan Hansen, 10U Girls 73-80; Cayden Dickerson, 10U 53; Bradley Abraham, 8U 43; Braxton Layne, 12U 108; Kaylynn Mickelson, 14U Girls 115-121; Isabella Martinez, 14U 149.

Fourth place: Connor Grant, 8U 49A; Kannon Bassett, 10U 63; Anthony Mcillwaine, 10U 120.

Fifth place: Jace Jameson, 12U 86A.

Sixth place: Roman Martinez, 8U 49A; Lillyan Hansen, 10U 71A.

Others that participated: Carter Slater, 8U 49C; Caison Mickelson, 12U 82.

Out of 20 teams represented in Folkstyle, the North Big Horn Rams finished in sixth as a team with 323.5 points behind Cody, Thermopolis, Powell, Worland and Riverton.


In the afternoon, 12 teams stuck around to face off in the Freestyle division, and the North Big Horn Rams scored 211.5 team points to take second place behind only Cody.

The Rams had seven individual champions win their brackets for the freestyle results.

Trynitee Jones won by technical fall and pin over a Riverton opponent in 6U 33-36.

Clark swept the 6U 49-53 bracket and won an exciting 16-15 decision to seal that spot in the third round. 

Raegan Dickerson went 2-0 in the 8U Girls 46 while Tynslee Jones finished 3-0 in 8U 40-43.

Kali Jameson won her third and fourth gold medals on the day in the 8U Girls 62 and 8U 62 divisions, defeating the six opponents she faced. 

Smith also pinned his way to another gold in the 8U 49B along with Schmidt, who went 2-1 in 14U Girls 115-121.

Second place: Slater, 8U 49B; Hecker, 10U 53; Harshman, 12U 86; Layne, 12U 108; Mickelson, 14U Girls 115-121; Isabella Martinez, 14U 149.

Third place: Cayden Dickerson, 10U 53; Bassett, 10U 63.

Fourth place: Grant, 8U 49A; Jace Jameson, 12U 86.

Fifth place: Hitz, 6U 40-43; Roman Martinez, 8U 49A.

Sixth place: Carson Marberry, 10U 71.

Other participants in freestyle: Hansen.

The North Big Horn Rams have a break in their season now and will next head to Thermopolis on Saturday, March 9, for Wrestleopolis.

(Correction: Braxton Layne finished first place in the Worland tournament on February 9 in the 12U 108 division.)