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Two Cowley wards considered in 1921

100 Years Ago, Sept. 16, 1921

The Cowley Progress

Announcement is made that the Stake Presidency will meet with the Latter-day Saints of the Cowley Ward Sunday afternoon to discuss with them the advisability of dividing Cowley into two ecclesiastical wards. The Progress thinks this a wise move and hopes to see this done.

75 Years Ago, Sept. 19, 1946

The Lovell Chronicle

The Byron Mercantile company, operated by C.A. Clark and Clair Deaton, announces this week that their quick freeze and locker storage plant is now open for business. At this time the store has installed 150 lockers, but has a capacity of 250 when the demand is sufficient to warrant them.

50 Years Ago, Sept. 16, 1971

The Lovell Chronicle

A special award was presented Aug. 31 to Dick Buster, who is owner of Dick’s Texaco, 217 W. Main in Lovell. The award plaque was presented for exceptional customer service by a representative of the Gates Rubber Co. A fleet of Gates Mystery Cars regularly travels across the country (now in its 39th year), stopping at service stations. Each Mystery Car has a worn fan belt. Award plaques are presented to station personnel who notice the defective belt and offer to replace it.

25 Years Ago, Sept. 19, 1996

The Lovell Chronicle

With the fire season for 1996 almost over, the Forest Service is counting on moisture this week to lower the fire danger on the Big Horn National Forest. As of Monday, Sept. 16, the number of fires on the forest had been double the average over the past 20 years. Medicine Wheel District Ranger Mary Randolph said there have been 44 fires on the Big Horn National Forest this year. The forest averages 20 fires per year. Randolph said there was 4,000 acres burned this year, the majority coming from the Stockwell Fire in the Tongue District.

10 Years Ago, Sept. 15, 2011

The Lovell Chronicle

A solemn and meaningful ceremony was held at the Lovell Police Dept. Sunday morning in honor of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and of those serving in the military overseas. Four law enforcement agencies were represented at the ceremony during which the flag that flew on a combat mission over Afghanistan was raised and flew on the flagpole at the LPD for a day before being returned for display in the annex lobby. Stuart Levi Yates, a 2002 Rocky Mountain High School graduate, who is married to Lovell Police Officer Noe Garcia’s daughter, Natasha, is a senior airman in the U.S. Air Force. He was serving in Afghanistan a year ago when the flag was carried aboard his airplane during a reconnaissance mission on 9/11/10, the ninth anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington.