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New cafe opens in the Denton Hotel, 1947

100 Years Ago, 1922

The Cowley Progress

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75 Years Ago, May 22, 1947

The Lovell Chronicle

After experiencing a great many delays in securing all new fixtures, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Denton Jr. are announcing the opening of their coffee shop next Wednesday, May 28. This attractive shop is located in the Denton Hotel building. The place provides booths and counter for customers and one of the best back bars in this part of the state. Another feature Oscar is starting is a drawing each day for a free meal to a local businessman the next day. Mr. and Mrs.
Denton are to be congratulated on opening such a fine cafe in Lovell.

50 Years Ago, May 25, 1972

The Lovell Chronicle

The long-awaited traffic signal at the corner of Main Street and Nevada Avenue may be in use before the height of the tourist season, according to city manager John Nickle. This week, a city crew is installing the underground conduit and is attempting to complete all street work as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary interruption of traffic.

25 Years Ago, May 29, 1997

The Lovell Chronicle

A proposed new Lovell subdivision got the go-ahead from the Lovell Planning and Zoning Board Thursday night following a public hearing at Town Hall. The Mountain View Subdivision, the first new subdivision being built in Lovell in about
20 years, is a joint venture among brothers Dick, Bob and Gerald Doerr and partner Ray Sonners and will be located on the former “Doc” Ota land on the hill off Shoshone Avenue west of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

10 Years Ago, May 24, 2012

The Lovell Chronicle

A group of students from Bob Geiser’s sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade history classes visited the historic Mexican Cemetery located on U.S. Highway 310 west of Lovell last week and made improvements while they were there. The students made and installed a sign
marking the historical site and spent part of an afternoon clearing debris and weeds from the old gravesites and adjacent areas. The sign is decorated with the colors and the national symbol of Mexico.