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Perkins wins high school all-around title in 1972
100 Years Ago, July 8,1922
The Cowley Progress
President E.W. Croft of the Big Horn Stake has received a communication from the office of the presiding bishopric, Salt Lake City, apprising him of the fact that the slogan of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 1922 and ever thereafter is: “Every Member a Tithe Payer.” Remember this slogan.
75 Years Ago, July 3, 1947
The Lovell Chronicle
Jack Frost of Lovell, son of Mrs. Jeannette Frost, has won the privilege of attending the World Jamboree in France this summer. Only three Scouts were chosen from the state of Wyoming. The other two are Terry Turner of Powell and Jimmy Neilson of Cody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Neilson. The three boys may be flown to St. Louis in the Husky Refining company plane by Mr. Neilson the first of next week. 
From St. Louis the Scouts will be taken on a tour of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., then to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, and will sail from New York City on July 22 on an Army transport. In France the encampment will be at Morrison over several weeks. Jack expects to return about September 1.
50 Years Ago, July 6, 1972
The Lovell Chronicle
Hard work paid off for Lovell cowboys last weekend when they swept the highest honors at the Wyoming State Championship High School rodeo in Buffalo. Chuck Perkins, son of Gerald Perkins, won all-around cowboy for the entire state, bringing home the all-around trophy saddle, two belt buckles, a pair of Tony Lama boots, a double stitch headstall and a Navajo saddle blanket. 
In addition to the top honor, he won the steer wrestling and placed second in calf roping. Chuck was also the winner of the Bob Isenberger Memorial Trophy, presented annually in memory of a great cowboy by his wife and sons to the high school cowboy with the most accumulated points in the timed events.
Kirk Marchant, son of Mr and Mrs. Roger Marchant won bareback honors, placing first in the first go-round. Dave Bischoff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bischoff, won first place in the second go-round in bull riding.
25 Years Ago, July 3, 1997
The Lovell Chronicle
Local agencies, along with the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team from the 764th Ordnance Company in Ft. Carson, Colo., helped transport and destroy 2,000 pounds of dynamite over the weekend. Dorothy Highsmith said she had not done anything with the dynamite since her husband’s (Joe) death. 
Big Horn County Sheriff Deputy Bob McGuire contacted the Lovell Fire Department, and he, Jim Minchow, Rich Fink and Ferrell Mangus went into Highsmith’s shop at the Oasis Junction that housed the dynamite. They stabilized the dynamite by soaking it in diesel fuel and then packing it in straw. The dynamite was moved around Lovell to the old National Guard bombing range two and a half miles southeast of Lovell. 
On Saturday, June 28, the EOD burned 1,600 pounds of the dynamite. They were unable to burn 400 pounds because it was stored in metal cans. The EOD detonated the final 400 pounds on Sunday evening.
10 Years Ago, July 5, 2012
The Lovell Chronicle
A new law that allows drivers to exceed the speed limit by up to 10 mph to pass a vehicle traveling under the speed limit on some two-lane roads in Wyoming is now in effect. The law approved by the 2012 Legislature applies only on two-lane roads with a posted speed limit of 50 mph or higher. In addition, the only vehicles the law authorizes to exceed that speed limit are passenger cars, pickups and motorcycles, and only if they are not towing a trailer.