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Byron Eagles survive bus crash in 1948

100 Years Ago, Feb. 16, 1923

The Cowley Progress

The children in many homes are finding amusement through various electrical inventions. Recently there has also appeared a simple but fascinating little toy consisting of a little balloon with a tiny trapeze suspended from it to which is attached a dainty acrobatic girl. When held over the tube of the electric vacuum cleaner long enough for the current to be turned on, the rush of air from the tube will both keep the balloon suspended in the air and will cause the little performer to whirl about on the trapeze to the great delight of a small child of 7 or 8 years.

75 Year Ago, Feb. 19, 1948

The Lovell Chronicle

You can be lucky and unlucky on the eve of Friday the 13th, as the Byron Eagles found out. Braving the severe cold weather, they put on their overshoes and buttoned their overcoats and started for Meeteetse to keep a date with the Longhorns. 

Eight miles this side of Meeteetse Mike Johnson, bus driver, pulled to his side of the road to let a car pass. The bus hit a soft shoulder of snow, slid off into a 15-foot gully and turned upside down in two feet of snow. The occupants were able to crawl out through the emergency door and were taken to Meeteetse by two cars passing by. 

Coach Mower, Waldo Jensen and Jerry Littlefield were treated for minor cut injuries. Littlefield was hospitalized in Cody for overnight treatment. Norval Carter, shop and science teacher, was X-rayed at the Cody hospital. Several facial bones were broken, but he was able to return home.

50 Years Ago, Feb. 15, 1973

The Lovell Chronicle

Big Horn County’s Senator Cal Taggart was presented with a cake adorned with a “Catholic Cricket” by Senator Dick Sedar. During a long debate on the weed and pest control bill, which listed the Mormon Beetle as an insect to be controlled, Taggart told the chamber such enumeration was discriminatory. Taggart then proposed the “Catholic Cricket” be declared the state bug.

25 Years Ago, Feb. 19, 1998

The Lovell Chronicle

The Lovell High School speech team captured its third title this season with a first place finish in the Class 1A/2A division at Thermopolis Feb. 7. The team also took third overall among the 16 teams competing. 

Pic: Speech members placing and earning team points at Thermopolis recently were (l-r) Cora Cordova, Beth Elaine Sibbett, Randon Watts, Ryan Jones, Jason Zeller and Heather Askvig. Not pictured but placing were Brady Emmett, Andrew Partridge and
Lisa Messamer.

10 Years Ago, Feb. 14, 2013

The Lovell Chronicle

The median strip in downtown Lovell is coming out with the street and infrastructure project of 2014, and it’s not coming back. That was the decision of the Lovell Town Council following a public hearing prior to the regular council meeting at town hall Tuesday night.