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‘Young hoodlums’ wreak havoc in Cowley 

100 Years Ago, Aug. 24, 1923 The Cowley Progress

The town council of our town would be doing the world a great service were it to pass an ordinance making the carrying of rubber flippers or slingshots a misdemeanor punishable by both fine and imprisonment, and make the penalty stiff enough so that one dose would suffice to do away with the habit permanently.

There is a bunch of young hoodlums in Cowley, who have apparently no other aim in life but to kill off our wild songbirds, such as meadowlarks and wild canaries. We call them lazy, bloodthirsty hoodlums. They use those cursed flippers and slingshots for their work of destruction. The ordinance, when passed, should provide that any citizen is empowered to confiscate from any boy these flippers when caught with one in his possession, besides reporting the owner to the officers for punishment.

75 Year Ago, Aug. 26, 1948 The Lovell Chronicle

A deal is being completed this week for the sale of the Lovell Dairy by B.K. Douglas to Roy Fuesner and Sons of Basin. The change in management will take place on the first of September. Fuesners have recently purchased the creamery at Powell

and have operated the Fuesner Dairy, serving Basin and Greybull for many years. Mr. Douglas established the local business as a cream station and built it into a large business.

50 Years Ago, Aug. 23, 1973 The Lovell Chronicle

These 13 lettermen are among those who will be matched up against each other in the intra-squad Blue-White game this Friday night at 7:30. Admission for the preview of this year’s Bulldogs is one bar of soap to help the junior high program. (See photo above.)

25 Years Ago, Aug. 27, 1998 The Lovell Chronicle

A longtime Lovell business closed its doors Saturday. Rocky Roche, who has been in business in Lovell for 48 years,closedRocky’sBackDoorLiquor Store Saturday at the conclusion of a going-out-of-business sale. In 1960, wife Marcella said, Rocky purchased the Ben Franklin store from W.B. House, running it for a few years until he changed wholesalers and changed the name to Rocky’s.

He later added a second store, which he called Rocky’s Too, and the original store eventually closed. When Dale Hubbs sold his Busy Corner Pharmacy business, he offered his liquor store department to Rocky. Rocky’s Back Door Liquor Store was born, Marcella said. Eventually Rocky’s Too closed, and Rocky has been running the liquor store alone in recent years. August 22 was the last day of business.

10 Years Ago, Aug. 22, 2013 The Lovell Chronicle

It’s not often that a person can say with utter sincerity, “I loved every minute of it,” after 28 years in a job, requiring extreme patience and sometimes a touch of heartache. But for Jan Ellis, a para educator, who devoted herself to help specialneeds students master life skills, the remark comes easily and with genuine honesty. In fact, she often uses the expression that the children she served “stole my heart.” She retired from Big Horn County School District 2 at the end of the past fiscal year after working eight years at the Children’s Resource Center and then two decades at Lovell Elementary School.