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Rose City West planned in 1973   

100 Years Ago, 

Nov. 30, 1923

The Cowley Progress

When poison is purchased at a drug store, the label on the bottle warns in a most emphatic way that the contents is poisonous. A skull and cross bones adorn the plaster. The sellers of poison liquor, vile concoctions containing either wood alcohol or some other death dealing ingredient, are not thus concerned about the safety of the purchaser. They do not put labels on the bottles of the deadly stuff they sell, stating, “Beware, Poison!”

75 Year Ago, 

Dec. 2, 1948

The Lovell Chronicle

Lovell’s new 3,000,000 gallon capacity water filtration and treatment plant is being tested now for final acceptance and operation by the town. Completion of the plant sometime this month will mark the end of the building program which encountered many delays and obstacles. The plant has been inspected by an engineer from the state health department and described as one of the most modern in the west and the latest type known in the state.

50 Years Ago, 

Nov. 29, 1973

The Lovell Chronicle

Plans were announced this week for a 40-unit retirement home in Lovell to be called Rose City West. Incorporated under the same name, as a non-profit, private corporation by Lovell businessmen, current plans call for seeking federal funding of $750,000 to construct the retirement home.

Although still in the formative stage, the corporation has purchased a six-acre plot of land located at the corner of Seventh Street and Great Western – directly across the street from the caboose in the park adjoining the high school.

25 Years Ago, 

Dec. 3, 1998

The Lovell Chronicle

Two local sophomores will be attending the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation Leadership Conference in the spring of 1999 in Casper. Adam Clark will represent Rocky Mountain High School, and Matthew Anderson will represent Lovell High School. HOBY’s purpose is to bring together a select group of high school sophomores who have demonstrated leadership ability so they can interact with groups of distinguished leaders in business, government and education to discuss present and future issues.

10 Years Ago, 

Nov. 28, 2013

The Lovell Chronicle

Her first recollection of him was that he was a bit annoying. After all, what kind of guy would carve his name on the back of a girl’s chair during a high school class? His first recollection of her was that she was by far the prettiest girl in all of Byron. In fact, the prettiest girl he’d ever seen, with eyes that twinkled like diamonds. Eighty years, three children, 18 grandchildren and 44 (plus two more on the way) great-grandchildren later, the couple, Edwin and Jeri NeVille, spent an afternoon with family and friends in Byron this week celebrating the many happy and productive years of their 80-year marriage.

(Note: Ed, 99½, and his wife, Jeri, 97, were married for more than 81 years. They were the longest marriage by a living couple in the United States in 2015. – from Ed’s obituary, April 29, 2015)