From our files: Caroline Lockhart defends ‘Dryheaders’ in 1948

100 Years Ago, Nov. 16, 1923
The Cowley Progress

No record of this date.
75 Year Ago, Nov. 18, 1948
The Lovell Chronicle

The famous range country, Dryhead, Montana, is no longer the hideout of cattle rustlers, nor the place for retiring ranchers, according to the latest advice from a resident of that section north of the Pryor Mountains. Caroline Lockhart is proud of the fact she now has an airplane landing field on her place and had the following to say in that regard:
“I have just completed a half-mile landing field in my horse pasture under the supervision of John Bird of Bridger, a pilot. … There are people who believe that no work has been done on the road thru (sic) the Bighorn Canyon since a war party of Sioux made a trail when they came over from South Dakota to fight Custer. Also, detractors have circulated the story that our post office is a hollow tree, that the women wear nubias and the men still use bullet molds to make their ammunition. We, Dryheaders, are sensitive, not to say touchy, and we would like the world to know that we are not so backward as reputed.” –Caroline Lockhart, L Slash Heart Ranch.
50 Years Ago, Nov. 15, 1973
The Lovell Chronicle

McKay Allphin and Sons of Lovell began construction this week on the new police department facility and the remodeling of the jail. The local contractor entered the low bid of $18,535 for the construction of the new facility. Construction will consist of a general remodeling of the two current cell facilities. The existing area will be dismantled with more square footage added to each cell. Better lighting and new lavatory facilities also will be included in the remodeling.
25 Years Ago, Nov. 19, 1998
The Lovell Chronicle

Marie Wolff has only recently come to reside at New Horizons Care Center. Flying to Lovell, she earned her wings. Her pilot was a woman, very competent and friendly; she even took time to visit with Marie. “It’s not often I get a passenger who is 102 years old,” was her comment. December 12 will be Marie’s birthday, but she has decided not to have one this year. She doesn’t like the idea of getting old.
10 Years Ago, Nov. 14, 2013
The Lovell Chronicle

Artist and art lovers gathered at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Visitor Center Saturday morning for an art show and demonstration that was the kick-off to a planned artist in residence program at Bighorn Canyon. An artist in residence is someone who will come and live in the Bighorn Canyon NRA for a period of time ranging from two weeks to a month, Chief of Interpretation Christy Fleming said.
Fleming said the idea for an artist in residence program at Bighorn Canyon NRA came from Byron artist Denney NeVille, who, along with the Friends of Bighorn Lake, approached former Supt. Jerry Case about two years ago about setting up the program. ”When I came back that was one of the things Jerry wanted me to get going,” Fleming said. “I contacted Denney, and he became the driving force.”