From our files Danny Jolley a two-time State wrestling champion in 1999

100 years ago, March 7, 1924
The Cowley Progress

Alvin Tucker and Lawrence Jensen, two energetic Cowley young men, are planning to locate in Powell and manufacture a tire rim lever invention that Mr. Jensen has recently patented. It is apparently a very clever appliance for reducing the size of rims when taking tires on and off. The boys are manufacturing the article in a small way down at their home town, but they want to reach out more in the business and have picked upon Powell as a favorable location, where they might obtain abundant electric power, which they need in their welding.
75 years ago, March 3, 1949
The Lovell Chronicle

Hal and Cal Taggart left Thursday morning for Dallas, Texas. They will spend four weeks there in study with the Institute of Insurance Marketing at Southern Methodist University. Under the plan of training as outlined by the University it is necessary they complete a period of study at the school and then supplement it with actual experience in the life insurance selling business in direct field work.
Both the Taggart twins have enjoyed considerable success in the business of insurance selling as evidenced by their qualifications as members in the California Western States Life Insurance Company’s “Leading Producers Club.”
50 years ago, March 7, 1974
The Lovell Chronicle

Reaching the screen as a motion picture that is hip and reverent, contemporary and biblical, religious yet lay, traditional and iconoclastic, the Norman Jewison film “Jesus Christ Superstar” comes Thursday to the Hyart Theatre. Filmed in Technicolor and Todd-AO 35 entirely in Israel, the Universal presentation follows the unprecedented world success of the rock opera as a single phonograph record, a record album, a concert attraction and a full scale stage spectacle. And now the movie, … “perhaps the most remarkable film to emerge since Cecil B. DeMille founded Hollywood.”
25 years ago, March 4, 1999
The Lovell Chronicle

It was a weekend for sports fans and lots of emotion as local wrestlers competed at State in Casper while basketball teams competed at Regionals in Riverton. Lovell Coach Tony Mullins congratulated two-time state champion Danny Jolley following his victory for the 130-pound title in Casper.
10 years ago, March 6, 2014
The Lovell Chronicle

If it seemed like there was a whole lot of snow in February, you’re right. There was. At 16.5 inches, it was, in fact, the second snowiest February in Lovell on record, according to NOAA meteorologist Chris Jones. The snowiest February on record was in 1978, when Mother Nature dumped a whopping 23.0 inches of the white stuff on the area.