From Our Files: First LHS homecoming held in 1948

100 Years Ago, Nov. 2, 1923

The Cowley Progress

The National Council of the Congregational Churches, in session in Springfield, Mass., refused to give its approval to the Lord’s Day Alliance, whose general secretary is Rev. H.L. Bowlby, leader in the national fight on Sunday movies, baseball and other forms of pleasure and business; but the council did declare for Sabbath observance.

75 Year Ago, Nov. 4, 1948

The Lovell Chronicle

The first LHS homecoming celebration was held here October 22. Festivities for the day included an assembly, a parade, the football game between Lovell and Worland and a dance in the high school gymnasium after the game. The assembly honored the Lovell High School graduating class of 1920. Following the assembly the student body and alumni joined in the parade, which was led by the band. The grand finale of the celebration took place at the dance after the football game. Ray Fillerup, student body president, crowned the Lovell Homecoming Queen, Joy McCaffrey.

25 Years Ago, Nov. 5, 1998

The Lovell Chronicle

The Wyoming Optometric Association concurs with the Food and Drug Administration that laser pointers should be kept away from children and can cause damage to the eye. Dr. Robert Schaffarzick, president of the Wyoming Optometric Association, cautions speakers, professionals or teachers who may use laser pointers in their jobs to be extra careful that children do not have access to them or use them as toys. The pointers are considered Class IIIa lasers, which can cause retinal damage when stared at for longer than 10 seconds.

10 Years Ago, Oct. 31, 2013

The Lovell Chronicle

The North Big Horn Barracudas started their 2013-14 winter season at the Lander Spook Splash Oct. 19-20. Eight-year-old Cecilia Harder won the 25-yard backstroke event with a winter qualifying time 21.53. She’s an all-around swimmer, finishing second in the 50 back, 50 breast and 100 free. She grabbed qualifying times in the 25 breast and 25 free with fourth place finishes.