Police Report: Remember your keys, please

The Lovell Police Department received the following calls for the week of February 12 to February 18:

February 15: 10:54 a.m.- A successful vehicle unlock was completed on a white Kia Rio in the parking lot of TCT West on Shoshone Avenue. 

8:13 p.m.- A mom called to report that her daughter had been getting harassing calls. Since the daughter was out of town, the case was referred to another agency. 

February 16: 12:39 p.m.- A white Pontiac was successfully unlocked on Park Avenue. 

February 17: 11:50 p.m.- Four adult men tried to exit the Maverik Store from the back door, which is locked daily at 10 p.m. for safety reasons. One of the men unlocked the back door. The clerk confronted all four men and told them not to exit through the back door. The men tried to go out the back door again, so the clerk walked over and asked again for them to not walk out that way. One of the men became upset and hit the clerk. The clerk didn’t press charges and all four men were trespassed from the property.

February 18: 10:53 p.m.- A noise disturbance was reported on Montana Avenue at Lovell Apartments. Juvenile boys were reported to have been very loud since 7:30 p.m. An officer responded and made contact with the mom, who said she would put the boys to bed.