Simple acts of kindness

Being a mom of four young children, when I was walking into the gym on Thursday night to watch the basketball games, I had my youngest daughter in one arm, her backpack full of toys and treats on my back, my stadium chair in my other hand along with two of my other children’s wrestling shoes they needed for practice in the same location.
As I was approaching the doors, a young man from our high school ran over to hold the door open for me and even offered to help carry some of my things to my seat. It was such a simple thing and only took a second, but his small gesture was greatly appreciated.
I feel like I am often oblivious to what is going on around me and miss opportunities to perform simple acts of kindness for others simply because I am not looking for them. These nice things do not always need to be planned in advance. If you see the chance to help someone out, take it. Just like opening the door for someone in need, especially struggling moms. We can always use the help!

— Stormy Jameson