Sixth grader Taylor Grandalen first female free throw of the night

Erin Mullins

During halftime of the Rocky Mountain boys basketball game Friday night, many fans at the game took to the court to see if they could hit a free throw. Shots made by male fans outnumbered those of the female fans, but one sixth grader made it her mission to prove she was nothing but net.
Fresh into her second semester of middle school, Taylor Grandalen vaulted the ball towards the net with gusto. Other girls attempted before her, with some shots missing the mark while others barely missed diving into the rim.
Grandalen watched aghast as her basketball headed toward the rim. She admitted she didn’t think the ball would make it into the net, but said she still had high hopes that she could make the shot.
And then, the shot made it.
Grandalen said she feels “really good” she made the shot and will be hopefully making more in the future. When asked if she could be the first female fan to hit the shot of the night, once again, her answer was an unequivocal yes.
Grandalen wants the world to know that “practice makes perfect.” She loves dogs and her favorite music artist is Taylor Swift. She said her favorite dog breed is a Bernedoodle.
“I love that (dogs) are so fuzzy and fun to play with,” she said.
Head high school girls basketball coach Justin Moss teaches Grandalen and her sister in math class. Moss said Grandalen plays on the basketball team and comes from a great family, as well as displaying top-notch character herself.
“She works really hard in class and as a player. She’s top notch,” he said.
Whether or not Grandalen is the next female fan to make the first halftime free throw in future high school games, it seems assured that her future is nothing but net.