A summer of fun activities planned for care center residents

Patti Carpenter

The sun was shining last week, and New Horizons Care Center residents were out having fun. Hosting a lemonade stand at Armory Park brought more than childhood memories for New Horizons Care Center residents last Thursday. They raised more than $30 for their activities fund doing it. An outdoor barbecue luncheon later in the week was attended by almost all residents.

Care Center Activities Director Nicole Hilzendeger said that’s only the beginning of fun activities she and her staff have planned this summer.

“We had a good time,” said Hilzendeger. “We even took some of the residents over to the skate park in their wheelchairs and pushed them around. It was pretty cute.

“During the barbecue, the residents listened to music while they enjoyed lunch on the patio. We had a little lady (one of the residents) out there dancing the salsa. She was loving it.”

Next up, Hilzendeger and staff have a “Countdown to Father’s Day” series of activities planned, beginning on Tuesday with a Father’s Day awards ceremony. On Wednesday, the staff is hosting a pizza party for the men, and on Friday the staff is taking the men on a fishing excursion.

“We’re going out to Horseshoe Bend to fish,” explained Hilzendeger. “We’ll stay out there as long as everyone can handle it.”

Hilzendeger said shorter trips are planned including a trip to Kane. She noted that this is a trip that several residents have requested.

A pie tasting contest is also planned pitting upstairs residents against downstairs residents. Hilzendeger explained that residents (with the help of staff) will bake the pies, and staff will judge the contest and select the winner.

Hilzendeger said other activities include a water balloon toss, mural painting done with washable paint, painting with feet and a tomato planting social. She also has an armchair travel event planned, where residents travel virtually to the island of Fiji while enjoying popular food and drink from that area.

“We are planning a lot more outdoor time for the residents,” Hilzendeger said. “The big thing is to get people outside because all fall and winter they are cooped up. So, when summer comes around we need to get people out and about as much as they can handle.”