Super Bowl emotions are high; Down in front!

Kat Vuletich
and her mews Mack

I read a book a long time ago about being a cop, authored by a cop. It was called the Steel Trinity or something like that, symbolizing badge, cuffs and gun. There were all kinds of interesting information and stories. One thing that really surprised me was the second most common day for domestic disturbance calls:  Super Bowl Sunday.
For real. Not so much disputes between viewers over their cherished team being wronged, as the cause is the wife or girlfriend disrupting the watching of the game. I was shocked by this. Of course, at the time, I couldn’t care less about the playoffs, wildcard picks, interceptions, quarterback sacks and referee disputes. The Super Bowl was just the necessary evil one endured to watch its commercials.
Historically, the spectacularly expensive SB commercials are coveted by many and are some of the year’s best entertainment, in my estimation. My all-time favorite was the EDS commercial based on a cattle drive, but herding cats. Clever and funny. Others ranking  among the best included Budweiser’s Louie the Lizard (and the frogs); the Clydesdales playing football, keeping their wayward barn puppy safe from wolves and grooming the next colt for the team. Doritos had some hilarious ones. Pepsi has been inventive. The last few years the commercials have been a letdown. Plus, they are leaked on the internet before the game, so no need to sit through the game if you don’t want to.
However, during the ensuing years, I’ve learned to follow, and even enjoy, the NFL rivalry. My beef is the three-plus hours required to watch a game. My favorite sport of all time? Kentucky Derby. Two minutes. Then the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. The Belmont takes a few seconds longer as the race is a few furlongs longer. But the Super Bowl goes four hours.  Pre-game show, coin toss, first and second quarters—
Then there’s the halftime show. Meh. That’s break time to go forage in the kitchen for more snacks. If the game goes into overtime … Puhleez! Unless it’s proving to be a really good contest keeping you on the edge of your seat. Like Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, Cardinals vs. Steelers. The fourth quarter was fabulous! Both teams played their hearts out.
Then there are the games where a team bombs so badly, even the commercials are barely worth sitting through. Like the 2015 game where the Seahawks beat the Broncos 43-8. Just sad.  
This year’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs and the 49ers, should be a good game. Hopefully with better commercials than the last few years. Need to stock up on some good snacks and brewskis. I think just about everyone now has a big screen TV (or two or three). But don’t go waltzing through the family/living room with a tray of refreshments to place on the coffee table, blocking the television during that one critical moment of play. I’m guessing this was the scenario that earned Super Bowl Sunday the number two calendar day for police being called out for domestic disturbances.
So what’s the number one day of the year police are called to a residence for a domestic row? Guess. Go ahead. I’ll wait…
Give up? Mother’s Day. Go figure.